Women's Club Calls out Night of Art

The glossy brochure of...Ten years ago they gathered the first time. They are busy, active and they adore charity. Thus they call for action twice a year. The IWCM - International Women's Club of Moldova organised the 6th "Night of Art" in Chisinau's MoldExpo Pavillion on April 24.

The most gifted artists of Moldova showcased their high-class work. Chairwoman Marcie Gräfin Lambsdorff warmly welcomed the 500 (inter-)national guests. Moldovarious.com met Susanna Balian, IWCM-event organiser and talked with her about the women's club, their goals, the Night of Art and its sole beneficiary.

IWCM's fundraising events

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Each year we organise two main fundraising events. One is the "Winter Bazaar" in December and the second one is the "Night of Art".

Aim of the Night of Art

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The aim of our event is to raise money for the club's charity and to highlight the diversity of Moldovan art.

88 diverse Moldovan artsist

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This year we have 88 participating artists. They are presenting their sculptures, paintings, crafts, tapestry and carpets tonight.

1st glossy catalogue

It is the first time in the history of the Night of Art that we produced a colured catalogue including brief biographies and photos of the participating artists.

...and the donation goes to...

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The sole beneficiary is a boarding school orphanage in Străşeni with 460 pupils. The money will support vocational skills and courses. So the children that graduate from school will be able to find employment.

To see fine Moldovan arts and handicraft click here!

Participating artists:
Alexandr Alavatchi, Lilia Albrecht, Nina Avidon, Evgenii Bacalov, Maria Bazarina, Oxana Beldii-Prescura, Lucia Bilba, Ion Bolocan, Lilia Borta, Valeriu Buev, Tatiana Calancea, Olga Calestru, Angela Candu, Ion Carchelan, Artur Caterinca, Olga Ciulcova, Liudmilla Ciuloci, Victor Ciumas, Stefan Coman, Sergiu Cotofan, Mihail Damian, Valentina Deordita, Boris Dubrovin, Fedor Duloglo, Angela Eliseeva, Veaceslav Fisticanu, Sergiu Gavrilita, Anatolie Gherasimov, Sergei Golubev, Natalia Gradinari, Ioan Grecu, Grinfor Carpets, Antonina Grisciuc, Vitalie Griscuic, Filimon Hamuraru, Liviu Hancu, Mireana Hmelnitcaia, Veronica Iftodii, Elena Ivanova, Robert Ixari, JZ Studio, Constantin Kelesh, Olga Koshel, Svetlana Kovelina, Vladimir Kravcenco, Tatiana Lagaeva, Gheorghe Lisita, Natalia Maleru, Virinea Mamulat, Anghelina Maslicova, Iurie Matei, Iulia-Laoili Miscisina, Galina Molotov, Oxana Muratova, MUZA, Elena Nicolaescu, Nadejda Nikitina, Aleksei Ostapenco, Nikita Ostapenco, Vadim Palamarciuc, Aleandra Paslari, Stela Plamadeala, Liliana Platon, Nicolae Plescan, Gherorghe Railean, Estela Raileanu, Elena Revutcaia, Calin Rosca, Lidia Rotari, Maxim Rublev, Savitchi Ecaterina, Olga Scobioala, Ion Sfecla, Majid Shirojan, Ghenadie Sontu, Sorin Sorin, Alla Strelet, Ruslan Strelet, Sergei Sulin, Silvia Svitelea, Vlad Tabac, Oxana Tip, Oleg Turkin, Olga Turkina, Maxim Vasilencu, Mark Verlan, Elena Zbarnea, Tudor Zbarnea



Comments (3)
Night of Art
3 Tuesday, 10 November 2009 20:19
I herewith would like to submit my compliments and congratulations to the Ladies involved for the afore said enterprise (Night of Arts).

I am impressed about their fine and vital artwork
and wish them a successful and fruitful artistic future.

Small countries need high potentials such as artists and intellectuals who strengthen the cultural and moral fundaments of society.

Congratulations as well for this pleasant and attractive website. It's is a "visual voice" from a country still unknown to us in Austria.

Best wishes and regards

Beatrix P.
Tirol / Austria
Night of Art
2 Thursday, 13 August 2009 15:28
I wanted to go to this event, but I couldn't. What a pity...
I'm also agree with the idea that the beauty will save the world!
Night of Art
1 Monday, 04 May 2009 20:32

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